DATRON D1 pure Service & Support

From machine acceptance to years of product support: You can count on us!

That is what we will take care off!

  • Pre-Delivery Quality Control
  • Machine delivery
  • Machine Start-up
  • Equipment maintenance at a fixed price
  • Predictable costs through service agreements

Quality Control Check
Before each machine leaves our facility it has to pass the functional analysis by our DATRON quality management. Through this we ensure the highest quality of each machine.

Tell us a date and address for the delivery of your machine. We will take care of everything else - fast and easy delivery!

The machine can be set up in a plug&play mode. That means that you can simply take the machine into operation by yourself. We provide a brief instructional videos on a CD and on our homepage.

Machine maintenance
Ensure the precision and efficiency of your DATRON milling machine for the long run and keep your production unchanged at the highest level! Our technicians service your machine in regular intervals and thereby increase the efficiency and quality of your production.

Service Agreements (CAM & After Sales)
A service contract tailored to your needs will help you calculate the fixed costs and thus safely and reliably achieve your production goals. Parts and labor are included in the price. A defect - one price! In the event that we need to repair your machine in our office, we guarantee you that we will correct the defect within three working days and send the machine on the fastest way back to you.

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We will do it together!

  • Group and individual training
  • Callback service
  • Remote desktop connection/remote maintenance
  • Software updates and upgrades

In order to use your machine fully, we train your employees – individually at your place or in group sessions at DATRON AG – just as you would like. With the clear and intuitive user interface, you can easily and quickly build your own applications – first with us, and later by yourself.

Callback Service
Through the DATRON D1 website you can select the "Call Back" option. In order for our D1 expert to better service you, please fill out the short form that pops up in advance. Within not more than 3 hours, our experts will get in touch with you to help you solve your specific problem.

Remote Desktop Connection/Remote Maintenance
Through a remote desktop connection we can offer our help quickly and inexpensively. With the preinstalled software TeamViewer®, you can enable the DATRON service team access to your machine. This remote solution is simple and vastly accelerates the support.

Software Update
The DATRON control software is continuously developed and improved. By uploading software updates directly to your machine it is always "up to date".

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Interference Possible Cause Possible Recovery
    Vacuum not turned on after machine was switch to operation No supply voltage available (LEDs off) Check main connection
    main switch
    Check the circuit breaker on the vacuum
    Machine won't turn on No supply voltage available Check main connection
    Check the fuse on the device
    Vacuum is too low Vacuum draws outside air Filter is full
    Check the connecting hose Start cleaning cycle
    collet can not be opened Compressed air missing or too low Check Piping
    Check that the output pressure >6 bar
    Tool positions do not match axes require adjustment Run Automatic calibration
    The spindle is not turning Door is not closed and locked Insufficient Air
    Door Check if compressed air is at > 0.6 MPa
    Milling quality is not satisfactory Wrong tool selected Tools used/worn
    Check tool positions in the magazine Check tools
    Wrong milling strategy selected Review design (preparation margins)
    Check work preparation in your CAM
    Check Template Selection
    Collet defective Renew Collet
    Axes have to be adjusted Run automatic calibration
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