Non-ferrous Metal

DATRON is not only an expert in milling aluminium, our CNC technology's performance capabilities also cover non-ferrous metals. The DATRON mini tools specialists are well versed in the various differences of end mills regarding the milling, drilling and engraving of non-ferrous metals to find the perfect fit for your production requirements.

Non-ferrous metals include:

  • Aluminium – An alloy of aluminium, copper and manganese. Very lightweight and easily machined with DATRON CNC technology. Used in most supplying manufacturing industries.
  • Copper – Copper, a naturally occurring substance. The fact that it conducts heat and electricity means that it is used for wiring, tubing and pipe work.
  • Brass – A combination of copper and zinc, usually in the proportions of 65% to 35% respectively. Is used for ornamental purposes and within electrical fittings.