DATRON Tool Technology

Tool technology is a crucial aspect in state-of-the-art CNC machining. DATRON is continuously developing and researching - in cooperation with both, customers and technical laboratories, which tools need optimization and which have the most perfect fit for perfect production results related to individual materials and industry applications.

Our customers greatly benefit from decades of our CNC milling technolgy expertise and our focus on future-oriented approaches to successfully anticipating and meeting production demands.



Made in Germany

The tools are manufactured on top-of-the-range, fully automatic grinding machines which results in constant high quality and an excellent price/efficiency ratio. Permanent quality control and research on our inhouse milling machines – also under extreme milling conditions – are your guarantee for the extraordinary quality and efficiency of the DATRON tools.

  • Development
  • Testing
  • Production
  • Drilling from 0.1 mm
  • Milling from 0.1 mm
  • Thread milling from M1
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Using DATRON’s high-quality micrograin Solid Carbide tools will result in especially long tool life.The tool’s efficiency is further increased by a new coating.

  • Maximum milling ability
  • Maximum tool life
  • Maximum process reliability
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DATRON Technology

The cutting geometry of the DATRON milling tools contains the DATRON know-how of more than 20 years in HSC cutting. Constant advancement and optimisation stand for state-of-the-art tools.

  • Intelligent geometry
  • Latest milling machines
  • Top-quality micro-grain Solid Carbide
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Special Tools

DATRON special-purpose tools will solve your machining problem! On the basis of your drawings or specifications we will manufacture a Solid Carbide special-purpose tool in the high DATRON quality you can expect. Here we offer e. g. special mills for musical instruments, multi-level drills and special tools for forms and moulds.
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Excellent wear-resistance, thermal shock stability and hot hardness – those are the properties, which have been decisively modified, in order to further improve the proven BALINIT® ALCRONA layer. By optimising the process parameters and modifying the layer structure, the performance profile of the new layer is significantly increased. BALINIT® ALCRONA is the new top allrounder in chip removal.


Hardness, oxidation-resistance and thermal stability of BALINIT® X.CEED have been optimised for use in hard and high-speed machining. Even for high-strength and hard-to-cut materials, the layer protects against abrasion and adhesion over the entire cutting speed range. The good sliding properties reduce the cutting forces.

Diamond Coating

The unique material properties of multilayer diamond coatings offer considerable performance potential, which can be used for machining graphite as well as carbide and ceramic green compacts. These highly abrasive materials can be machined very efficiently today, thanks to exactly constructed CVD diamond layers on carbide.

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