DATRON AG awarded as one of the best employers in Germany

Fri, February 28, 2020

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Mühltal company DATRON AG receives "Top Job" seal for outstanding employer qualities

Mühltal - Employee friendliness is a top priority at DATRON AG - and the success proves the southern Hessian company right. The manufacturer of high-speed milling machines and, among other things, tools received the "Top Job" seal on February 28th in Berlin. The "Top Job" patron Sigmar Gabriel praised DATRON AG in particular for its strategic orientation towards securing skilled workers in the long term and the continuous and systematic development of its qualities as an employer.

In Berlin, Sigmar Gabriel praised the companies for meeting the shortage of skilled workers with the strengths of their medium-sized culture. This is all the more important, he said, since German SMEs provide 80 percent of the training places in Germany. "Employer attractiveness is a decisive strategic topic for every company that wants to be successful in the long term," said Gabriel, confirming the award-winning companies in their actions.

This is the second award as a top employer for the company, which has 276 employees. The "Top Job" quality seal is awarded by the Centre for Employer Attractiveness, zeag GmbH, to companies that make a remarkable effort to promote a healthy workplace culture. This can be seen in the quality of management work and the associated high level of job satisfaction and low levels of fatigue within the workforce.

In the nationwide employer comparison "Top Job" carried out since 2002, DATRON AG was particularly convincing in the areas of work-life balance and cooperation between employees. The compatibility of work and private life and the creation of a positive working environment have always been a top priority at DATRON and are specifically promoted. Thus, the company makes it easier for its employees to combine private responsibility and their jobs in the best possible way through flexible working time models, home office offers and job sharing. Thanks to a great team of highly qualified and helpful colleagues, good entry and further training opportunities as well as a wide range of sporting and cultural activities, DATRON promotes the cohesion of all DATRON employees. The positive working atmosphere combined with enthusiasm and a high level of identification with the company's own products create an environment in which great ideas are regularly generated and successfully implemented.

"We are very happy about this special award", comments Dr. Arne Brüsch, CEO of DATRON AG, "We have always put a lot of energy, heart and professionalism into our cooperation and the common future. We owe this to our value orientation and also employer attractiveness is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy - it is a decisive element of our corporate DNA.

DATRON AG will not rest on its laurels: "With the help of the 'Top Job' analysis and the extensive feedback from the employees, we will further develop our employer qualities. Because only with satisfied and committed employees can we continue to win the race for the best brains and remain successful in business".

"The 'Top Job' award stands for a sustainable workplace culture that is both healthy and performance-oriented. DATRON AG creates a fertile climate for innovation and performance with inspiring leadership, trustful cooperation and good working conditions. "We pay particular attention to maintaining a healthy workplace culture characterised by motivation and dynamism when awarding the prize and in the suggestions that we reflect back to the participants individually. Especially against the background of increasing acceleration, this balance is a key factor of sustainable success and a social mission," comments Silke Masurat, Managing Director of zeag GmbH.

The scientists from the Institute for Leadership and Personnel Management at the University of St. Gallen, headed by Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, conducted an online survey of personnel management to find out about the HR instruments used. They also conducted an employee survey, two-thirds of which determines the final result. One third counts the HR instruments.

More than 100 medium-sized companies have applied for the current "Top Job" round. 97 companies are now allowed to bear the seal for the next two years. A total of 29,530 employees were surveyed. 64 percent of the employers are family businesses. Among the top employers are 28 national and 9 world market leaders. On average, the companies employ 293 people and the proportion of women in management positions averages 25%.

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