DATRON AG is one of the most innovative SMEs in Germany

Tue, November 17, 2015

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Happy about the innovation success: Dr. Arne Brüsch, CEO DATRON AG

The consulting firm Munich Strategy Group (MSG) has intensively researched the grade of innovation in the German SME and recently published an exclusive study commissioned by German WirtschaftsWoche magazine. As a result of the analysis, the 50 most innovative SMEs in Germany were identified. Among the originally scrutinized 3300 German small and medium sized enterprises DATRON AG achieved a great innovation score of 139* and thus secured the excellent position 30 in the ranking.

The CEO of DATRON AG, Dr. Arne Brüsch, proudly commented on the excellent result: "Innovative capacity is on everyone's lips. Frequently, however, the term appears in the context of advertising messages and is usually justified merely by the launch of a new product. How to measure the innovative capacity of a company in fact often remains intangible. We are delighted that our innovative strength has been recognized not only at a technological level, but was also reflected in the independent economic study of the Munich Strategy Group. With our excellent placement among very renowned German business leaders, we feel confirmed and encouraged to pursue the course of our corporate management. The top ranking was landed by a company that makes 461 million euros in sales per year. The fact that DATRON has reached [EUR 38.2 million in 2014] such a comparatively high innovation score, is thanks to the DATRON employees, who are at the top of our priority list. The innovative capacity of our staff is the cornerstone of our healthy and sustainable growth. "

The Munich Strategy Group initially evaluated the data of German companies that achieve an annual revenue between ten million and one billion euros. The strategy consultant analyzed this annual reports and presentations and conducted interviews with customers and industry experts as well as managers, owners and councils of companies. In a subsequent step 400 companies were shortlisted for which MSG calculated individual innovation scores. The consultants made sure that each company excels at continuous product innovations, is classified as innovative by competition and encourages an idea-promoting corporate culture. Moreover, the assessment took also economic indicators such as sales and profit growth into account.


* Source: Munich Strategy Group commissioned by WirtschaftsWoche, 10/2015

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