DATRON AG uses employee support fund for spontaneous donation to disaster relief alliance

Fri, July 30, 2021

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DATRON AG supports the German desaster relief alliance „Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe“ with a donation from the internal employee support fund.

Originally, DATRON employees who got into distress through no fault of their own are supposed to be beneficiaries of the DATRON employee support fund. Since hardly any funds have recently been called up internally for unbureaucratic financial aid, the committee made up of DATRON employees, which oversees the allocation of benefits, decided to donate € 2,500 to those in need outside the organization at short notice. The victims of the flood disaster in the west of Germany are to receive financial support quickly via the donation platform “Action Alliance for Disaster Aid”.

“Around two weeks ago, many people in Germany experienced great hardship from storms and rain, were injured, lost their belongings or even loved ones. Our thoughts are with the victims of these disasters. We hope that the physical damage will be repaired shortly and that those affected will soon be connected to the energy, heat and water supplies of their communities again. Good wishes alone only help to a limited extent in such an emergency situation. My fellow board of executives members and I are very pleased that the DATRON employee support fund can be of great use now, ”commented Dr. Arne Brüsch, CEO of DATRON AG, on the sponatneous initiative from DATRON staff.

About the DATRON employee support fund:

The DATRON employee support fund was founded in 2014 to provide unbureaucratic help to employees who got into an emergency through no fault of their own. Around 80% of the workforce have agreed to pay 1 euro per month from their net salaries into the voluntary fund. DATRON AG chips in another 100% oft hat sum each month. Since the fund was started, three employees have received immediate financial aid. As there have been no further applications for emergency aid to date, the payment is currently suspended.

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