DATRON develops tool alternatives to conventional PU foam cutting

Thu, April 24, 2014

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New milling technology offers numerous advantages over conventional wire, waterjet and laser cutting techniques

The DATRON AG, a leading manufacturer of innovative CNC milling machines, dental milling machines and dispensing systems based in Muehltal near Darmstadt, has presented a new series of milling tools designed and developed for cutting foams. The German CNC specialist now offers fifteen different shank mills and countersinks for machining polyurethane foams amongst other foam types. DATRON not only developed special finely polished blades with special helix angles but also adjusted the tools’ chip channels to the challenges of machining PU foams. This results in precisely milled high-quality surfaces in record time without the need for further costly reworking. This cannot be achieved with conventional processing methods such as wire, waterjet and laser cutting techniques. Thomas Frank, Head of Sales at DATRON AG, commented the product launch enthusiastically: "We have developed this new top series of milling tools for machining PU foams that make the CNC milling machines of our customers not only more productive and efficient. They also provide them with new business opportunities through the ability to mill different materials. We help CNC machining centers save time and money. The new DATRON end mills cut even porous materials and produce perfect chamfers in polyethylene and polyurethane foams and the like. "

The new DATRON foam milling end flute and countersink series also achieves perfect results for the machining of complex surface geometries and offers full flexibility in the handling of different sized workpieces. The performance of the newly introduced into the market tools shows DATRON on a special website at www.datron.de/en_gb/cnc-milling-tools/cnc-milling-tools-landingpages/foam-mills.html.

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