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Fri, January 24, 2020

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To all of you who did not have the chance to attend the launch of the new DATRON MXCube on Industrie 2019, To you who wish to be amazed again, Good news, it will still make chips, lots of chips, on Industrie Paris 2020!


With the new DATRON MXCube, DATRON is the essential supplier of HSM centres for all innovative projects:

  • Machining of high-tech materials
  • Complex parts
  • Prototyping or intensive production

DATRON now offers you all the advantages of its HSM technology with this new generation of centers clearly oriented towards productivity.

Also attend the demos that will take place on the essential DATRON M8Cube and DATRON neoDATRON neo, equipped, like all DATRON machining centers, with the intuitive DATRON next interface.

DATRON M8Cube, the multi-purpose HSM center adapted to all your requirements.

DATRON's best-seller, the M8Cube offers new controls and features, an optimum stroke-to-capacity ratio and low operating costs.

DATRON's M8Cube is a versatile, modular and incredibly productive high-speed milling machine.

DATRON M8CubeAmong its advantages are :

  • High dynamics thanks to optimized controls, especially for acceleration and path management.
  • Very high chip removal with small tools thanks to the use of high-speed precision spindles with speeds of up to 60,000 rpm.
  • Rigid and designed to limit vibration and resonance phenomena, for excellent cutting quality and good surface finishes.
  • Precise thanks to high-quality linear guides, precision ball screws and HSK-E 25 tool holder spindles (optional).





DATRON neo V2: Ever simpler, more intuitive and powerful.

DATRON neoTwo years ago, the launch of the DATRON neo revolutionized the machining market:

  • Its new, unique, tactile, intuitive interface, which combines a camera and a material probe, makes the launch of a machining operation fast and accessible to all.
  • Exceptionally compact, it offers a high level of performance and productivity.

Today, with Version 2 of this little marvel of technology, DATRON is once again delighting us.

Its control software and interface evolves to offer new controls and functionalities, with reduced calculation and part simulation times (up to 10 times).

Equipped with a more high-end cooling unit oriented towards intensive production, a new more precise XYZ probe, ...  

With this DATRON neo V2, DATRON presents an accomplished and surprisingly efficient machine.

From prototyping to series production, you will always find the right machine for you in our range!




DATRON offers precise, fast, high-performance CNC HSM centres to increase your productivity. DATRON 3 to 5-axis high-speed machining centres cover a wide range of applications in cutting, engraving and machining of alloys, plastics and composites in various sectors of activity: aeronautics, electronics, packaging, medical, mould and tool machining, etc.

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