DATRON HSM Centers : Control your production remotely with our new DATRON Live applications

Wed, November 18, 2020

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Intelligent applications for more efficient production

Four years ago, DATRON created the event with the launch of its new control software DATRON next.

Equipped with an ultra-intuitive touch interface and always application-oriented with functions that make your life easier, this new software was an immediate success and will soon be generalized to our entire range of HSM centers.

At the time of 4.0, it was inconceivable that machines with such an interface would remain there.

So our R&D team, passionate and always eager to surprise you, has been working on the subject of connectivity and remote alerts.

The fruit of their reflection is once again amazing.

Control your HSM center remotely

Now you can keep an eye on your machine at all times from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You receive alert messages, check the status of your machine and check a set of settings :

  • Remaining machining time,
  • Monitoring of data such as compressed air level, vacuum, coolant, tool wear, etc...

Nothing escapes you!

Whether you are in the production, method or maintenance department, you have access to the parameters that concern you and can help you better manage and anticipate the situation.

Rationalize your production for more profitability

With remote control of your production, whether single pieces or series, you streamline your production and thus optimize your profitability:

  • Operators are informed as soon as a machining operation is completed without having to physically move to the machine.
  • The maintenance team is informed if an error message appears on the machine, or if a parameter deteriorates, indicating a future problem.
  • If you are preparing the following machining operations on CAM you can check which tools are available in the tool magazine of the machine as well as their state of wear.
  • Finally, the person in charge of production management knows instantly if the machine is running, on what, for how long and easily adjusts the schedules in real time.

Not bad...

But that's not all!

Many of you had found positively amazing the idea of managing part origins and repositioning using a camera associated with the 3D probe.

Well today this camera can, remotely, in real time, show you an image of what is happening in your machine.
What is the status of the machining process? What is this part like? Is there any chip build-up that could affect the machining process?

Whatever idea you are working on, don't worry, don't run to the machine, just take a look...
Find all the information on the DATRON Live website or by contacting us.

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