DATRON Presents New Contour Smoothing Package PerfectCut For Best Results in HSC-milling

Thu, June 13, 2013

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DATRON PerfectCut for immaculate surfaces

DATRON AG, a leading provider of compact high-speed CNC milling machines and other technologies,  now offers the “PerfectCut” comprehensive contour smoothing package for maximum milling results with DATRON C5, M10 Pro and M8Cube CNC milling machines. PerfectCut was especially developed for the ideal reproduction of demanding geometries in the field of HSC milling, such as e.g. free-form shapes and surfaces. The new software allows optimum surfaces and contours not requiring any secondary finishing at maximum machine performance and includes a number of further valuable new features for users.

In combination with DATRON HSC milling machines, PerfectCut increases production performance, especially when milling non-ferrous metals and plastics, and leads to maximum manufacturing quality with shorter cycle times. PerfectCut significantly reduces optimisation efforts when programming milling macros. Reworking workpieces is no longer required once machined with PerfectCut. The particularly almost jerk-free procedure of PerfectCut preserves mechanical parts, in particular the ball screws of DATRON milling machines, and also leads to prolonged end-mill durability. DATRON illustrates all customer advantages including image and video material on its website at http://www.datron.de/produkte/cnc-maschinen/cnc-steuerung/perfectcut.html


Erwin Sowa, CMO at DATRON AG, said: “PerfectCut is the ideal solution package for all machining requirements in HSC milling. Whether in the prototype and mould-making sector, in R&D, in the signage and engraving industry or in front panel machining, PerfectCut facilitates excellent contours and facet-free surfaces for workpieces made of metal or composites with a perfect finish.”

To experience the performance capabilities of the PerfectCut contour smoothing filter, DATRON AG extends an invitation to an exclusive customer event with workshop on 4 July 2013. Interested guests can find more information at http://www.datron.de/allgemeine-informationen/messen-und-events/perfectcut-workshop-juli-2013.html



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