DATRON’s CEO Dr. Arne Brüsch is Appointed as Member of the European Economic Senate

Mon, June 04, 2012

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Dr. Arne Brüsch, Chairman of the Board and CEO of DATRON AG, the special machinery construction firm from Mühltal, has been appointed as “European Economic Senator”, member of the Europäische Wirtschaftssenat e. V. (European Economic Senate) for the field of machine tool construction. This appointment is the result of his special commitment towards European economy and society and the shaping of their future.

“The appointment as Economic Senator and the exclusive European-wide representation of the machine tool industry that is associated with it, is a great honour for me," said Dr. Brüsch. “I am very excited about being able to use my professional expertise to participate actively in shaping the future of Europe, and thus make my contribution for the benefit of society”.

The “Europäische Wirtschaftssenat e. V.” (EWS) is a body made up by highly successful companies and individuals who make their knowledge and experience available to policy makers. Founded in 2003, the EWS has established itself as a body with wide political acceptance. The European Economic Senate is committed to state and society and promotes a “Culture of Responsibility and Trust”. Its members have pledged to “act according to the principles and rules of a honest merchant”, promoting responsible and sustainable conducting of business and respectful dealings with each other. The aim is to provide the next generations with a secure future in Europe.

The Senators of the EWS have high economic and social competence and act as intermediaries between policy and business. They think and act beyond national boundaries, markets and their own business interests.

Among the members of the European Economic Senate are the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker; the Chairman of the Board of Bilfinger Berger and former Prime Minister of Hessen, Roland Koch; the director of the Institute for Financial and Tax Law and former federal judge, Prof. Dr. Paul Kirchhof and the Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bahn AG, Dr. Rüdiger Grube.

More information about the European Economic Senate: www.eu-economic-senate.eu

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