Just a Few Clicks for an Implant-supported Bar

Fri, August 30, 2013

Category: Press-Release, Dental

Cooperation between DATRON and Sescoi enables dental laboratories’ to have in-house production of implant-supported work in just a few simple steps. By combining the implant manager of WorkNC CAM software with the DATRON D5 dental milling machine, a validated workflow develops, allowing production of high precision superstructures, bar constructions and individual abutments compatible with many implant systems currently in use.

The construction of the implant-supported work is possible in just a few steps and takes only a few minutes. After calculating the milling path, on the basis of validated templates, the data is fed to the machine, which has to meet certain technical requirements in order to produce such highly precise indications -especially if besides zirconium, all common dental alloys are to be processed, for example, grade 5 titanium or cobalt chrome.

Besides the possibility of 5-axis simultaneous machining, and high degrees of freedom in the 4th and 5th axis, especially high stiffness, precision, and a tool clamping system with very high concentricity - such as the HSK-E-25 system used by DATRON - are required.

The CAM software must also provide a reliable process for the manufacture of highly precise implant-supported work, as the STL data transferred by CAD does not have the necessary accuracy.

The WorkNC implant module from Sescoi provides the required precision, using an extensive library with precise geometries that are compatible with many current implant systems. These are matched into the imported STL file over the specified connection points in order to provide the high-precision necessary for implant-supported work.

The templates for the connection geometry of the implant systems are available in different sizes and in both the lock and non-lock version.

This ensures that both individual abutments and large bar constructions can be produced reliably and accurately.

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