Machine & Tool: The Combination Makes the Difference in Quality

Wed, August 31, 2016

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Die technologische Auslegung der DATRON Werkzeuge bestimmt im hohen Maße die Wirtschaftlichkeit und Qualität der CNC Bearbeitung

Only the perfect combination of milling and optimum tool achieves real value for production use. That’s why universal milling tools like the so-called single flute end mill are now the most frequently used milling tools. Single-cutting tools offer numerous advantages over multi-edge tools without mechanically losing stability due to their larger chip channel volume. In this context a better chip evacuation, easier immersion in the material and a burr-free HSC machining are the results of milling. This leads to a higher surface quality.

In particular, the balancing quality and the concentricity belong to the quality factors in the choice of Single Flute End Mills. DATRON offers a wide range of already optimally-balanced Single Flute End Mills for different processing requirements at an excellent price-performance ratio, which is reflected particularly in the extremely long tool life and extremely short machining times.

The benefits of balancing at a glance
• Hardly oscillations / vibrations
• Increased surface quality
• No limitation of the maximum speed
• No damage to the bearing spindle
• Reduced wear on the cutting edge
• Maximum chip volume

The high balancing quality of DATRON single flute end mills ensures maximum smoothness even at high speeds and thus ensures best machining results when milling different materials. In addition, the balanced DATRON Single Flute End Mill reduces vibrations and protects the valuable spindle of the milling machine.

Users of DATRON Single Flute End Mills especially
appreciate the patented counter balancing cut, which leads to a significant increase in cutting speed. The optimized chip flow and smooth rotation of the tool ensure a stable and precise machining. Using optimized feed rates and spindle speeds, machine operators can further increase their productivity.

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