Machine & Tool: The Combination Makes the Difference in Quality

Thu, September 15, 2016

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DATRON AG presents itself as a tool expert in high-quality and efficient milling tools

Based on years of experience and own testing, DATRON AG has successfully established itself as a tool manufacturer and expert in the market. DATRON milling tools are compatible with (almost) all major third-party systems.

With its innovative product portfolio, DATRON AG aims, as an expert in machine construction, tool manufacturing and milling, to deliver consistently high quality at short production times. The workpieces manufactured using DATRON high-speed milling machines are characterised by their high precision and surface quality. The addition to DATRON milling machines of specific DATRON tools and accessory materials for High Speed Machining, developed over years of specialist expertise and trials, also ensures users of compatible third-party equipment a high degree of efficiency and process reliability for fast and high-quality machining of workpieces in all industries.

Only the perfect combination of milling machine and optimal tools achieves real value creation for production use. Among the most commonly daily used milling tools, there are currently universal end mills such as the so-called single flute end mills. Single-flute tools offer numerous advantages over multi-flute tools due to their larger chip channel volume without losing mechanical stability. In this context, better chip removal, easier dipping into the material and burr-free HSC machining ensue when milling. This leads to a higher surface quality.

In particular, balancing and concentricity are part of the crucial quality factors in the choice of single flute end mills. DATRON offers a wide range of already optimally-balanced single flute end mills for different machining requirements at an excellent price-performance ratio, reflected particularly in their extreme durability and very short machining times.

The high degree of balance of the DATRON single flute end mills ensures maximum smoothness even at high speeds and thus also ensures best machining results when milling different materials. In addition, the balanced DATRON single flute end mills reduce vibrations and protect the valuable spindle of the milling machine.

Users of DATRON single flute end mills particularly appreciate the patented counter-balanced cut, which leads to a significant increase in cutting speed. Due to the optimized chip flow and smooth rotation of the tool, stable and precise machining is ensured. Using optimized feed rates and spindle speeds, machine operators can additionally increase their productivity.

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