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Tue, August 11, 2015

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Young Professionals Begin Their Career at DATRON AG

Mühltal, August 11th 2015 – Last week, DATRON AG welcomed six new apprentices. Matthias Hix, Christian Lenz, Martin Niehof and Niklas Dörhöfer will be trained as mechatronics technicians, while Jerome Elser and Christina Sawal have decided to pursue a career in business management.

Training young professionals is a central part of DATRON’s corporate culture. Within 3 ½ years, the trainees learn about how the entire company works and are integrated into the workflows early. Many stay with DATRON after graduating. Janik Hoß, who finished his industrial management apprenticeship in January and who is now part of ERP management, remembers: “DATRON offers more than just a regular training. The hierarchy is very flat. As a beginner, I could ask about anything. All the experienced co-workers really go out of their way to explain things.” “Being an apprentice at DATRON taught me about how an entire machine building company really works, in addition to my training as a mechatronics technician”, adds Marcel Trautmann, who also graduated in January and is now working for DATRON’s final assembly. “Our supervisors teach know-how, but they also start several projects with trainees to develop new solutions and products to encourage our own initiative.” Janik Hoß adds: “The supervisors are very committed. As a DATRON trainee, you have the possibility to work in many different departments, get to know them and learn how everyone works together. If you want, you can specialize, even early on. This way, I could recognize and develop my own strengths.”

Franz Gruber, DATRON supervisor for apprentice technicians, explains: “We want to encourage our trainees to act on their own initiative. We provide them with much freedom to do so – and it works.” The ultimate goal are all-around well trained graduates who understand machine building companies like DATRON as a whole and who are capable of assuming various positions in them. “Our mechatronics technicians for example know the machines as well as their sales and production processes – so they can later build a career in either our production, buying, sales, technology center, development or service department”, says Gruber. The most important part is individually coaching every apprentice: “Everybody’s training is different, because every trainee has different strengths and interests. At DATRON, our experienced employees support the apprentices not only in becoming proficient in their field, but also in learning how to work highly autonomous. In the end, we all profit from this”, he adds.

“The colleagueship is amazing. We all are DATRON workers, collaborating to develop comprehensive, innovative solutions for our customers. As trainees, we are fully integrated into the company”, Marcel Trautmann summarizes the corporate culture. “As a young professional, you can’t wish for a better work environment.”

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