Prototypes and pre-series: DATRON High Speed Machining, the technology behind your innovation!

Mon, October 26, 2020

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Whatever your sector of activity.... In any innovative company, where the notions of agility and time-to-market are a daily organisational driving force, internalising the production of prototypes and pre-series no longer appears to be an option; it is a necessity!

To move quickly from the idea to the part, to validate design, functionality, resistance to wear and tear... or simply to convince your customers, it is an unavoidable step that cannot be neglected.

Prototyping has long been reserved for specialised prototyping companies. Many managers therefore remained hesitant at the idea of internalising this stage of creating prototypes and pre-series.

It required the integration of new technologies and qualified human resources, and the associated costs often seemed too high for medium- or even long-term benefits.

Prototyping is, however, the activity for which subcontracting is totally inadequate for companies at the cutting edge of innovation. Inadequate in terms of responsiveness, creativity and, in some cases, confidentiality.

Innovating must not be hindered in any way and innovating is not conceivable if after the first prototype you find :

"No more doubts, it would be better otherwise! But I have neither the time nor the budget to restart the supply of a modified prototype...".

Evolution of subtractive technologies: a technology that has become accessible :

At a time when machining centres were mainly dedicated to "heavy" mechanics, poorly adapted to working with new materials, difficult to integrate into a clean environment, and far from being accessible to all, the appearance of additive technology appeared as a life-saving solution!

Unfortunately, these solutions were only a partial response to the problems encountered in the development of new products.

How to test the mechanical behaviour of parts, their resistance, or even a complete apparatus? How to convince managers or customers with a product vaguely resembling the final product?

Fortunately, the evolution of control software, spindles, tools, CAM... has enabled a new approach to the so-called "subtractive" material removal technology.

Thus, the appearance of HSM (High Speed Machining) opens up new possibilities and allows the machining of complex materials and parts simply and quickly.

Extremely versatile, High Speed Machining offers the possibility of working with a wide variety of materials and of producing parts in the final material for functional or mechanical tests, wear tests and of course the validation of the design with the final result...

The integrity of the materials is preserved, you do not heat the material and do not create breakage initiators; the part does not have the areas of brittleness that can sometimes be encountered with other technologies in laminated part production.

DATRON HSM Technology: versatile and high-performance by nature

Recognised today as one of the leaders in HSM, DATRON is an electronics company which produced specific components and measuring devices, in single pieces or small series. The development and production of our products required machining solutions.

The need for us to work with a wide variety of materials (light alloys, composites, plastics...) in different forms (plates, blanks...) ranging from large boxes to nano-connectors or printed circuits, led us to design a range of totally innovative machines to meet our own needs.

We needed machines that could take large-diameter roughing tools as well as micro-milling cutters and engraving tips, which allow us to change the clamping easily and quickly, to add or remove pins, which can be modulated according to each application.

By taking into account these "specifications", HSM technology was immediately obvious!

Our team then addressed the issues of modularity of axes and clamps, as well as the development of accessories, tools and application-oriented functions so that the machines could be modularised to meet a wide variety of needs.

To make sure that nothing is hidden from you, DATRON no longer manufactures components for electronics...

But it is on the strength of this origin and our history that we offer rapid prototyping solutions that offer many advantages:

  • The rapid and economical production of prototypes in a wide range of materials.
  • Quick and efficient validation of ideas and concepts
  • High design flexibility, thanks to the possibility of fast machining of several versions of the product
  • Unsurprisingly high quality production thanks to precise, high-quality pre-series production

Thus, today, equipping yourself for prototyping with complementary and relevant technologies will offer your company a major asset to make the difference.


Would you like to find out more? We will be happy to share our experience with you and present our solutions.

Contact: DATRON France SAS

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