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Following please find all general press releases issued by DATRON AG.

Corporate news from the Investor Relations area of our business are published in German only and can be found in our dedicated website space.


May 24, 2018DATRON at the Darmstadt Merck Firmenlauf
May 23, 2018DATRON Technology Center Workshops
May 15, 2018DATRON at Konaktiva and Campus Careers!
May 08, 2018DATRON AG bundles tool competencies in a new subsidiary
May 08, 2018DATRON gibt die testierten Geschäftszahlen 2017 sowie die Zahlen des ersten Quartals 2018 bekannt. Stärkung des Geschäftsbereichs Werkzeuge.
April 27, 2018Girls’Day at DATRON
April 17, 2018Germany's best apprenticing companies
April 13, 2018First workshop in our new DATRON TECH-ACADEMY!
March 29, 2018DATRON wishes you Happy Easter!
March 19, 2018FastDa Racing factory tour!
March 16, 2018DKMS at DATRON!
March 15, 2018Experience smart milling live at Industry Paris 2018!
February 20, 2018Intuitive and Easy Machine Operation via Touch Screen
February 15, 2018Grand opening DATRON Austria Technology Center Ramsau
February 02, 2018Nortec 2018? Check!
January 26, 2018Visit us today at the Nortec 2018!
January 25, 2018DATRON at METAV 2018!
January 19, 2018Last preparations for our appearance at the HOBIT 2018!
January 10, 2018Visit DATRON at the Nortec in Hamburg!
December 22, 2017Exciting visit to the technology center of DATRON!
December 06, 2017Happy 6th December!
December 04, 2017Workshops of the Technology Centers North and South
November 30, 2017DATRON at the 14th Powertrain Manufacturing Conference
November 15, 2017DATRON AG is in Munich!
November 09, 2017DATRON at the expert exchange at Powertrain Conference 2017
November 03, 2017Our experts will advise you on 28.11.2017 directly on site!
September 26, 2017We train the best at DATRON - IHK ”Honoring the Best” 2017
September 17, 2017DATRON next: Revolutionary simple - intuitive, accurate and fast
June 30, 2017DATRON AG: Ergebnisse der Ordentlichen Hauptversammlung für das Geschäftsjahr 2016
June 19, 2017DATRON AG veräußert Geschäftsanteile der Datron Technology Ltd, UK.
June 13, 2017DATRON and SV Darmstadt 98 run, bike and walk together to collect EUR 5,555 donation for good cause
June 08, 2017 DATRON neo: The Best Solution on the Ground and in the Air
May 18, 2017Short Production Times and Optimum Surface Quality
May 11, 2017DATRON AG gibt die testierten Geschäftszahlen 2016 sowie die Zahlen des ersten Quartals 2017 bekannt. Erweiterung des Aufsichtsrates geplant.
May 04, 2017Ideal for a Wide Range of Materials
May 02, 2017Everything from a Single Source
April 28, 2017DATRON Milling Technology for Worldwide Connection
April 10, 2017DATRON Innovative Strength Again Confirmed by Independent Study
April 06, 2017Individual product design milled in high quality
April 03, 2017Sustainable Success with DATRON
March 16, 2017Less Dust = Higher Efficiency
March 16, 2017DATRON offers reliable solutions for the post-processing of laser melted (SLM) dental implant applications
March 08, 2017Added Value in the Dental Process Thanks to Industrial Manufacturing Technologies
March 02, 2017Flexible, Precise and Fast
February 16, 2017Exciting Technology for Milling
February 13, 2017For the Love of Milling
February 09, 2017Close, closer, DATRON Austria
February 02, 2017When Ideas Easily Become Reality
November 29, 2016DATRON Starts Christmas Season With Traditonal DentAdvent Discounts
November 03, 2016The Sky Is the Limit - What High-speed Milling and Model Gliding Have in Common

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