Our machines on the spot

Industrial series production rethought:


Cycle times and piece numbers are among the key challenges, especially in the tough subcontracting business. For this purpose, we have developed the DATRON MXCube. It is predestined for the implementation of demanding HSC strategies and convinces in the work result not only with high chip volume, but also with an excellent surface finish. To meet your individual machining requirements for industrial series production, we now also offer the power stage with 4kW spindle. In Stuttgart, we will demonstrate the DATRON MXCube 4kW under chip removal with two exciting example applications. On the one hand, we will be live milling a complex, chip-intensive surface geometry with an impressive surface finish and, on the other hand, a demanding housing component. 

And don't forget, this is only available from us: DATRON next

This (r)evolutionary DATRON machine control makes HSC milling easy, process-safe and comfortable. Even if your machine operators do not have years of milling experience, they too can quickly achieve excellent machining results thanks to DATRON next!

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DATRON neo Series 2:

The super-compact, powerful milling solution for any installation site

You'll love the DATRON neo. Even unpacking, aligning and commissioning DATRON neo are designed to be so simple that you don't need any external help (except from a standard lift truck).

With its compact dimensions, DATRON neo fits anywhere. Confined space conditions it faces with a footprint of about one square meter. Despite all its compactness, however, you can count on the DATRON neo in every respect when it comes to precision:
The combination of the machine bed made of mineral casting with a robust steel underframe ensures a secure stand and thus low-vibration machining. As a result, you also achieve homogeneous surfaces and precise milling details with the DATRON neo.

We will be happy to show you how this works live at the AMB. We will mill various impressive components made of aluminum and acrylic on site. Be curious and come by!

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The universal for flexible requirements:


If you need dynamics and very high chip removal rates for your daily production process, you are optimally advised to use the DATRON M8Cube. The rigid, low-vibration design of the machine ensures excellent surface quality at every machining step. Due to the high-speed precision high-frequency spindles used with up to 60,000 rpm and spindle powers from 0.6 kW to 4.0 kW, you receive burr-free components that can be directly fed to the application virtually without post-processing.

Let us convince you of the flexible universal solution DATRON M8Cube at the AMB, which will demonstrate live on-site the high-precision cutting of small-part objects from sheet material. The special feature: We use DATRON next with the optional DATRON Vision System, which optically detects the register marks printed on the material surface via camera.

DATRON next determines the position of the semi-finished product absolutely precisely and implements the perfect cut regardless of the positioning of the sheet material on the vacuum surface.

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Process Reliable for Large Formats:


If you are looking for a solution for economical plate machining (travel 1,520 mm x 1,150 mm x 245 mm), e.g. for the production of front panels, housings, profiles and other workpieces made of aluminum, non-ferrous metals or composites, the DATRON MLCube is the ideal choice for you. Especially in series production, the DATRON MLCube is characterized by short setup times and the possibility to simultaneously use different clamping technologies in parallel, very low energy consumption and the excellent price/performance ratio - even for low quantities. Experience the extremely high economic efficiency in the long term live under chip at the AMB. There we will show you the DATRON MLCube in panel production during the machining of a special LED display frame.

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Turn any DATRON 3-axis milling machine into the optimal multi-machining solution with DATRON Axis4

By upgrading your DATRON milling machine using the DATRON Axis4 rotary axis, you can expand the machining possibilities of your DATRON milling machine many times over in just a few simple steps. In just one clamping you are ready for multi-sided machining and the implementation of complex circular engravings.*  
Experience the dynamics and precision of the DATRON Axis4 rotary axis live on site in Stuttgart. There we will demonstrate our compact powerhouse in 4-axis milling of complex surface geometries on an aluminum bar.

*Optionally, we offer additional Axis4 solutions, such as the DATRON Axis4 three-jaw chuck for the application shown at the AMB.

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Continuously developed and unmatched in the market:

DATRON next machine control

DATRON has independently developed and supported the machine control in-house since the market launch of the first DATRON milling machine. In the meantime, we have been offering the heart of our machines in the form of DATRON next as a fully native software solution for several years, which we are constantly developing further in a practice-oriented manner. Our goal is to position the hurdle for individual and flexible productivity as low as reasonable, especially in times of shortage of skilled workers.  
Based on the plug and play principle, DATRON next allows even milling beginners to control a DATRON 3-axis CNC milling machine right away via the easy-to-understand software. The smartphone-like operation via swipe gestures makes milling almost as easy as 3D printing. Using wizard functionalities and an integrated camera, the machine operator is guided through the milling program in just a few steps. Self-explanatory icons and realistic tools, components, etc. displayed in 3D help to quickly identify various functions and offer a high recognition value.  

The absolute highlight is the combination of the camera on the z-axis with the clear multi-touch display and an XYZ sensor.  
Thus, we actively support the user in actively setting the zero point of his workpiece simply by swiping gesture. The time-consuming manual input of complex numerical data is no longer necessary.  

Let us introduce you live to the milling process greatly simplified by DATRON at the AMB. We look forward to your interest in milling for everyone!

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