We are proud to present the DATRON High Speed Machining Centres, adapted to the projects of all manufacturers:

  • From prototype to intensive production
  • From micromechanics to 1000 X 1500 mm parts
  • Performance accessible to everyone with the intuitive DATRON next interface!

Attend the demos that will take place on the DATRON M8Cube, the ultra-versatile DATRON high-speed train centre.
The DATRON M8Cube is the optimal solution for the cost-effective machining of aluminium housings, profiles and front panels, as well as other light alloys made of plastics and composites.

Short set-up times, very low energy consumption and an excellent price/quality ratio provide you with excellent profitability, even for small series production.

Seeing it machined will let you imagine its full potential!

SIANE will be the opportunity to present you the whole range of products. The DATRON 3 to 5 axis High Speed Machining Centres cover a wide range of applications in cutting, engraving and machining of alloys, plastics and composites in various sectors of activity: aeronautics, electronics, packaging, medical, mould and tool machining, etc.

As an expert in High-Speed Machining for 30 years, DATRON offers precise, fast and efficient CNC centres to increase your productivity.

We invite you to come and live the DATRON experience on the SIANE booth 6Z44.