DATRON VacuCard++

The DATRON VacuCard++ is a special patented cardboard, which is placed as a sacrificial layer between the workpiece and the vacuum plate. In contrast to the VacuCard, the VacuCard++ has a grid system of an adhesive layer placed on the paper. Through this layer the vacuum fixture capability is greatly improved at the same time reducing the loss of vacuum significantly.

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When is the use of the VacuCard++ suitable?
  • Milling small parts that have to be cut out of sheet material
  • To benefit processing with spacers
  • Milling of thin and soft sheet material
  • Milling of plate material with a rough or uneven surfaces
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How does the VacuCard++ work?
  • Clamping of very small parts: The adhesive layer assists in keeping even small parts that are too small to be held down with jus the power of the vacuum alone
  • Increases the part clamping when vacuum clamping isnt enough. By utilizing the suction effect of the grid-shaped sealing adhesive layer on the VacuCard++
  • Prevents slipping of the workpieces when the workpiece has to withstand strong milling feeds through the use of the sealing adhesive layer (friction is dramatically increased)
  • Reduces the vacuum consumption overall: throttle action by limited air permeability and by covering the unused surfaces with a protective film
  • Distributes the vacuum evenly to the workpiece
  • Prevents premature collapse of the vacuum to the workpiece when removing material or drilling holes
  • Keeps even workpieces with a rough or textured surface in place: The sealing effect of the adhesive layer prevents the pulling of additional outside air to reduce the clamping capacity of the vacuum
  • Prevents lifting of the edges when working with soft and or pliable workpieces
  • Allows residue-free removal of the machined workpiece from the VacuCard++
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When should you use the VacuCard++?

Place the VacuCard++ between the vacuum table and your workpiece on top of the VacuCard++. Take a precission cutting knive and cut around your workpiece. Quickly remove the protective layer off the VacuCard++ and place your workpiece in the cut out. Now you can start the vacuum clamping and beginn your milling operation. Once the milling process is completed, just remove your workpiece and you are done.

Application Hint: When you are trying to mill small parts, place them in the center of one of the grids on the VacuCard++. If you are trying to mill many small pieces out of a worksheet it is suggested that you leave a thin layer of about 1/10th of a mm that still holds the piece in place. During the last milling operation we then suggest removing this last part with minimal feeds and speeds to finish the milling process as gently as possible. If at all possible, we advise to disable the MicroJet or cooling system during this last operation.

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Technical Data

  • Cardboard with redundant suction effect through the use of a grid like-sealing adhesive layer
  • Combination of adhesion and vacuum clamping
  • Reduced vacuum consumption by limited air permeability and cover with a protective film
  • Disposal in the regular waste paper bin



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