DATRON Automation Portfolio

Automation Ready

The smart DATRON automation portfolio offers efficient and customized solutions for future-oriented production purposes. Automatic front and side doors, interfaces to internal hardware, external automation and also software interfaces and solutions are add-ons to DATRON machine systems with DATRON next Control for state-of-the-art production processes and complete the product range.

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DATRON automatic doors

The automatically actuated front and side doors enable fast loading and unloading of the machine by external automation connections.

DATRON Automation Side Doors
Automatic side doors3
Opening widthOpening heightOpening time
DATRON M8Cube720 mm738 mmapprox. 1.5 s
DATRON MLCube1020 mm738 mmapprox. 1.5 s
DATRON MXCube724 mm768 mmapprox. 2.5 s

3Side doors suitable for automatic loading only


Automatic front doors4

Opening widthOpening heightOpening time
DATRON M8Cube1,185 mm967 mmapprox. 3 s
DATRON MLCube1,865 mm967 mmapprox. 3 s
DATRON MXCube1,126 mm open upwardsapprox. 7 s

4Front doors suitable for manual and automatic loading



Shadow frame

Digital I/O module with extended programming functions in DATRON next

The digital I/O module installed in the machine control cabinet is used for connection of external hardware in the interior of the machine, such as automatic clamping elements.

DATRON automation modules with extended programming functions in DATRON next

DATRON automation modules are used to connect external hardware, such as a robot, via digital inputs and outputs and for the integration of automation in the safety circuit of the CNC machine.

The external hardware on the machine can be controlled by a program that runs in a separate runtime environment within the control system of the milling machine.




DATRON next software options for automation solutions


Basic variant

Enables access to operating data of the machine.

Automation variant

Enables programs to be executed, paused or aborted and also reading and writing of user-defined variables by third-party software.

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