With over 50 years successful engraving experience behind them, Howard Brothers Engravers LTD (Howard Bros) in the Jewelry District of Birmingham produces the highest quality work with the help of their five DATRON machining centres, purchased over the past 7 years.

“As one of the first companies in our industry to buy CNC controlled metalcutting machines, it is no accident that we have now standardised on DATRON technology and machine-building expertise,” said John Howard, M.D. of Howard Brothers.

“The quality of our work is driven by our customers and when it came to buying new machines for the most challenging and demanding projects, we undertook a lengthy and detailed trial process. The result was that DATRON machines gave us the best results in terms of accuracy, surface finish and overall reliability. They have also proved exceptional value for money!”

With a range of customers that includes some of the world’s leading mints and most prestigious luxury goods suppliers, Howard Bros’ reputation for exceptional engraving is maintained and strengthened with the help of DATRON technology. The size of their investment in state-of-the-art equipment now approaches £1 million – including two new DATRON M7HP machines and three of its predecessor M9 machines.

The DATRON M7HP, in common with the family of high performance CNC machining centres, is a compact powerful machine built with a trademark granite table – offering the highest precision, stability and robustness. The DATRON M7HP is equipped with a 1.8kW HF spindle capable of operating up to speeds of 50,000 rpm. It has an impressive 520 x 650 x 240mm worktable within an exceptionally small 1300mm square machine footprint. An optional 11-position toolchanger and tool length sensor can also be fitted.

The superb quality of Howard Brothers engraving technology, produced on their DATRON Machining Centres, is seen on the new range of medals and brooches produced for the Kingdom of Bhutan


M7HP-01 & M7HP-02:
The DATRON M7HP Machining Centre helps produce the highest quality engraving work for coins, medals, jewelry and luxury goods.