DATRON milling machines are ideal for machining exactly fitting, rework-free electronic components and housings. Low set-up times, long tool life and dynamic machining cycles achieve perfect milling results, which give you an unmatched competitive advantage!


Perfect free-form surfaces:
Contour-faithful and facet-free HSC milling

Dynamic HSC roughing cycle:
guaranteeing constant cutting forces increases production efficiency

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  • Application: Mold for a CFP Quadrocopter

    • Quadrocopter

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Process Chain


With DIN/ISO standard interfaces and an APT (CL-Print) interface, all DATRON machines are compatible with all popular 3D-CAD/CAM programmes.

Example using a CNC milling machine


Technical Data:

  • 3.0 kW spindle
  • 10fold tool changer (HSK-E 25)
  • Installation dimensions (W x D x H) without terminal
    1,740 mm x 1,740 mm x 1,950 mm
  • Weight approx. 1,300 kg



Workpiece details:

  • Material: Aluminium (AlMg3)
  • Blank size:  200 x 200 x 30 mm



Datron M8Cube CNC Milling Machine with reddot design award

Technologies used

DATRON PerfectCut –
Surface smoothing package

Fast, precise and contour accurate HSC milling for excellent surface quality

Lubrication/Cooling system: Minimum quantity lubrication

Due to the almost complete evaporation of the coolant (ethanol), no workpiece cleaning is necessary. 

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Save a lot of cash using DATRON CNC milling machines!

Use our competent consulting team in the many areas of production technology.  We are happy to advise you for an optimizing all steps of your manufacturing chain: starting with the CAD draft, the CAM data collection, the clamping and measuring technology, the proper tool selection and the cooling technology, through to the entire material flow.

Often times only the right combination and optimization of the entire process chain gives you the real cost and quality advantage over your competition! 

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The entire process chain from DATRON saves time and money !

  • Small investment for the machine
  • Small set-up cost due to innovative clamping devices
  • Little cleaning effort due to minimal cooling-lubrication 
  • Less than 2,5 kW/h energy consumption, even in high cutting performance cycles
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