DATRON C5 Automation

5-Axis Milling Machine with Automation Solution

The DATRON C5 with automatic feed is ideal for 5-axis milling in low-manpower operation. It allows an optimised material flow of the workpieces with a footprint of less than 2 m². The automation cell is swivel-type and offers a mixed feed with up to 56 slots for workpieces. 

C5 automation benefits at a glance:

  • 1.8 kW spindle with HSK-E 25 collets, up to 48,000 rpm
  • High precision (4th/5th axis)
  • Automatic 22-fold tool changer
  • Heidenhain linear positioning measuring system
  • Integrated tool length sensor
  • Integrated zero-point clamping system
  • Irogramme-controlled minimum-quantity cooling lubrication system
  • Automation cell with up to 56 workpiece places (depending on the workpiece geometry)
  • Swiwel-type automated solution allowing easy manual feed
  • DATRON C5 with automatic feed, amongst other uses, is especially suited for tool and mould making.

  • DATRON C5 - 5 axis milling machine

  • Workspace
    Traverse path (X x Y x Z)153 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm
    Workpiece size
    Diam. 60 mm, height 70 mm
    Diam. 100 mm, height 30 mm
    Cubic (X x Y x Z):
    96 mm x 75 mm x 20 mm
    50 mm x 50 mm x 60 mm
    Usable tool length35 mm
    Machine dimensions
    Machine designMassive steel frame,
    aluminium cast 4th/5th axis

    Installation dimensions
    (W x D x H) without terminal

    1,910 mm x 1,350 mm x 1,910 mm
    Weightapprox. 900 kg + approx. 600 kg automation
    Voltage3 x 400 VAC/16A
    Power consumption4,000 VA (max. fuse protection 3 x 16A)
    Air connection7 - 10 bar,
    dry, clean, oil free
    Ambient temperature15 - 30 °C
    Protection cabinCompact cabin with easy access for comfortable
    USB Interface
    Ethernet Interface
    Easy-to-use hand-held control unit
    Minimum quantity lubrication
    Integrated zero-point clamping system
    Linear position measuring system in all axes
    Tool change unit22-fold with tool length sensor
    Machining spindle1.8 kW, up to 48,000 rpm
    with HSK-E 25 collets
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  • Applications

    • 5-axis machining
    • Precision engineering
    • Electrode production
    • Watches
    • Jewellery industry
    • Micro machining
    • Medical technology
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