High-performance HSC Milling and Engraving Machines at a Favourable Price

The DATRON M7 / M75 CNC milling machines considerably improve your manufacturing speed and quality when using small tools:

M7: Versatile CNC Milling With Numerous Optional Features

  • High-performance HSC milling and engraving machine at a favourable price
  • Positioning feed up to 16 m/min
  • Fully enclosed machining area
  • Traverse path 520 mm x 650 mm x 240 mm
  • Optional with 600 W high-frequency spindle (up to 60.000 rpm)
  • Optional with 5-fold tool changing unit with tool length sensor

M75: CNC Milling Rolled Into One Strong Package

  • High-performance cutting at up to 28,800 rpm
  • Machining table in massive construction with a steel protection cabin
  • Fast 3D rapid prototyping in all conventional materials
  • 2D and 3D engravings in steel and stainless steel
  • Efficient machining of small aluminum parts High-speed machining of front panels and housings
  • No re-working necessary thanks to clean and burr-free machining
  • DATRON M7:

    The DATRON milling machine M7 considerably increases your machining performance, both at speed and quality. With a floor space of only 1,500 mm x 1,400 mm this compact solution offers a traverse path of 520 mm x 650 mm x 240 mm. The M7's solid granite construction allows highly dynamic CNC milling and ensures a high surface quality at the same time. Robust high-torque machining spindles or precision spindles with up to 60.000 rpm are available, tailored to your individual application requirements. With this compact and low-priced "power house" the precise machining of aluminium and plastics in 2D or 3D can now be effected much more efficiently and economically.

    DATRON M75:

    With a footprint of only 1,500 mm x 1,400 mm, this compact machine is equipped with a traverse path of 520 mm x 650 mm x 240 mm. The massive granite structure allows for dynamic CNC processing with high surface quality. Equipped with a robust 1.2 kW HF-spindle and a 10-fold tool changer allows precise milling at low cost.

  • Workspace
    Traverse path (X x Y)520 mm x 650 mm
    Traverse path with tool changer520 mm x 520 mm
    Portal passage200 mm
    Z stroke240 mm
    Machine dimensions
    Machining tableMassive Granite table on a Steel frame
    structure with double-portal Y-drive
    Installation dimensions with control unit
    (W x D x H)
    1,910 mm x 1,700 mm x 1,950 mm
    Installation dimensions without control unit
    (W x D x H)
    1,500 mm x 1,300 mm x 1,950 mm
    Max. table load120 kg
    Weightapprox. 800 kg
    Positioning feedX = 16 m/min
    Y = 16 m/min
    Z = 8 m/min
    Voltage230 V up to 2.0 kW spindle
    3 x 400 V from 3.0 kW spindle
    Power inputup to 3.0 kW with spindles < 2.0 kW,
    4.0 kW with spindles > 2.0 kW
    Air connection7–10 bar, dry, clean, oil-free
    Ambient temperature15 – 30 °C
    Protection cabin
    CNC-control for 3 – 6 axes
    17” LCD operator terminal
    Hand-held control unit
    USB Interface
    Ethernet Interface
    Tool changer (optional)maximum 15-fold
    HF-spindles (optional)from 0.6 kW (6,500 – 60,000 rpm)
    up to 3.0 kW ( 1,000 – 40,000 rpm)
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  • Applications

    • Small serial production
    • Panel production
    • Panel materials
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  • Technologies

    HF spindles
    High frequency spindles with speeds up to 60,000 rpm and high concentricity guarantee high cutting performance and perfect machining results when using small tools.

    Ecologically and economically optimised processes with minimum quantity cooling lubrication and correspondingly increased durability.

    Suction - CleanCut
    Nearly chip-free work by means of highly-effective chip suction. No more time-consuming machine cleaning (optional).

    CNC milling tools
    Due to years of experience and intensive communication with our customers, we develop tools especially designed for high-speed machining.

    Clamping technology
    Whether pneumatic or vacuum clamping technology: DATRON systems feature high flexibility, high comfort of use and short changeover times.

    Measuring technology
    The XYZ sensor guarantees short setup times, increased precision and cost-effectiveness by automatically measuring reference edges and height profile.

    CAM software
    All DATRON machines have DIN/ISO standard-complying interfaces compatible with all common 3D-CAD/CAM programmes such as Mastercam, SolidCAM or Pro/E.

    DATRON Machine software
    “DATRON CNCv9” machine software offers convenient functions for setup, fast CNC programming and import of Grover 3D CNC files.

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