DATRON next - Options

With its wide range of functions in the standard version, the DATRON next control system is ideal for the most common applications.

You can extend the functions available on your DATRON CNC milling machine at any time and match them even more closely to your specific applications with the software options of the DATRON next control system. You can purchase the software options along with the machine or any time afterwards. You enable the new functions with a licence key sent by our service. The DATRON next control system and thus your DATRON milling machine are under continuous development - it is worth keeping an eye on the following pages!

Camera feature

For visual setup of work pieces with a revolutionary combination of camera image, swiping and a 3D measuring probe.

Protected areas

For setup of specific areas in the working area that must not be approached by the tool.

Surface profile

For automatic compensation of the surface profile for milling or engraving on uneven blanks.