DATRON next Option:
Camera feature

Correct work piece setup – in other words, specifying its origin for the purpose of orientation in the work area – is one of the prerequisites for flawless machining. DATRON next actively assists you with setup with the combination of swiping, a camera and a 3D measuring probe (XYZ sensor).

Simply draw along the outline of the blank on the camera image with your finger and then start the measurement of the origin with the 3D probe. Even without experience with milling tools you will set up your work piece perfectly.

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  • Huge time-savings in the setup process
  • Greater safety and convenience with the overlay of camera image and measurement vectors
  • Intuitive drawing of measurement vectors on the touch display
  • Simple positioning of the camera image by swiping
  • Easy measurement of work piece rotations
  • Risk of collision of the XYZ sensor during setup reduced to a minimum
  • Training time required to set up work pieces reduced

The camera feature option includes not only the associated software functions but also the required hardware (camera and processing unit).

The camera feature also becomes really effective in combination with the software options

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If you wish to upgrade a current DATRON CNC machine with these features please contact your sales representative.