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Protected areas

The software function for setup of protected areas enables you to define specific areas in the working area of the machine that are not approached by the tool.

For example, this prevents accidental milling into a mounted vacuum plate as a result of programming errors without having to make changes in the milling program.

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  • Protection of individual areas in the working area of the machine, e.g. clamping devices or the vacuum plate
  • Clear management of multiple protected areas
  • Intuitive setup cycles
  • Convenient activation and deactivation of protected areas
  • No adjustments in the milling program required
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The following software functions are included:

  • Intuitive setup dialogs with immediate help function
  • Comprehensive icons in the user interface that indicate activation status
  • Management component for easy storage and editing of multiple protected areas
  • Innovative and comfortable camera measurement cycles for easy setup of protected areas with drawing and wiping gestures on the displayed video image (only in combination with the additional Camera Feature)
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If you wish to upgrade a current DATRON CNC machine with these features please contact your sales representative.