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Surface profile

The software function for creating a surface profile enables your machine to measure and automatically compensate for uneven areas and tolerances on the surface of your blanks. The 3D probe is used to create a Z-measuring field, which automatically adjusts the programmed Z-height during the milling process and thus corrects the measured material deviations.

For example, you use the Z-measuring field for engraving on convex surfaces or for milling blanks with uneven surfaces.

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  • Quick and easy height compensation setup
  • Precise measurement of the surface profile with the integrated XYZ probe of the DATRON machine
  • Automatic compensation of the Z-height by the DATRON next control after measurement
  • Convenient activation and deactivation of the Z-measuring field in the user interface
  • No adjustments in the milling program required
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The following software functions are included:

  • Intuitive input dialog with immediate help function for convenient setup of the Z-measurement field
  • Automatic calculation of height correction after measurement
  • Status icons indicating whether the Z-measurement field is active
  • Calling the setup cycle also from the milling program (SimPL)
  • Innovative and convenient camera set-up cycle with the optionally available camera Feature
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Not in combination with the rotary axis.




If you wish to upgrade a current DATRON CNC machine with these features please contact your sales representative.