Dental CAD/CAM

We Understand Dental

Besides being experts in machine construction, at DATRON we are also experts in the dental field:
Our in-house team of dental technicians and dental engineers exclusively focuses on that particular technology sector. With many years of CAD/CAM expertise under our belt and a vast technical know-how of the dental industry, we have designed our DATRON D5 series to cater to the particular requirements of dental laboratories.

We anticipate technological trends and implement their individual aspects into our own validated CAD/CAM process at DATRON's in-house Technology Centre.

This way, our customers  can apply the technologies of the future already today.

Shadow frame

Which indication do you want to mill? 

  • Models


  • Screw-retained superstructures

    Screw-retained superstructures

  • Individual Abutments

    Individual Abutments

  • Telescopic and Conical Crowns, Attachments

    Telescopic and Conical Crowns, Attachments

  • Occlusal Splints

    Occlusal Splints

  • Temporary Dentures

    Temporary Dentures

Which material do you want to mill? 

  • Zirkon


  • Cobalt Chrome

    Cobalt Chrome

  • Titan


  • Ureol