DATRON DentDiscs

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The extensive range of DATRON DentDiscs offers high quality milling blanks in the 98.5 mm diameter standard size for all indications. DATRON DentDiscs achieve perfect results in combination with DATRON dental milling machines and DATRON Dental milling tools.


Type HT

With DATRON DentZirc HT, we offer pre-shaded highly translucent zirconium oxide blanks (individually isostatically pressed) for top aesthetic crowns and bridges for monolithic or ceramic veneering. DentZirc HT offers an extremely high translucency factor. Due to pre-shading, restorations can be manufactured reliably following the VITA Classical shade guide. With its standard 98.5 mm diameter, DATRON DentZirc HT can be machined on all open CAD/CAM systems.

Type opaque

With DATRON DentZirc opaque, we offer you an extra strong zirconium oxide with a 3-point flexural strength of 1300 ± 100 MPa. DentZirc opaque is ideal for the production of abutments on adhesive basis as well as crowns and bridges. These isostatically pressed milling blanks provide a classic white material that can be colored directly and individually and enhanced with all ceramic veneers.

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Type cast

DATRON DentCryl cast is a PMMA material consisting of a millable filler-free acrylic polymer (100% polymethyl methacrylate) to be used instead of modeling wax. DentCryl cast is suitable for milling embeddable cast objects when manufacturing primary crowns in the telescope technique, for crown and bridge structures in the full casting technique and the press ceramic technique. The fitting accuracy of indications made of DentCryl cast can be checked directly inside the patient's mouth before the final restoration is made. DentCryl cast can be machined with all open milling systems and burns without leaving residues.

Type color

With our DATRON DentCryl color (also 100% polymethyl methacrylate), we offer milling blanks with high material homogeneity ideally suited for the production of crowns and bridges as long-term temporaries due to their balanced combination of fracture strength, elasticity and excellent abrasion resistance. DATRON DentCryl color discs have a diameter of 98.5 mm and can be used with all open milling systems. Indications milled from DentCryl color can be customized with all conventional veneering materials and be fixed with all provisional cements. DATRON DentCryl color is certified for use in the mouth cavity and can remain inside the mouth until the final implementation of permanent dentures.

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DATRON DentWax is a synthetic milling wax, appropriate for the production of crown and bridge structures to be further processed using casting due to its high edge stability. DentWax can be used with all open milling systems and burns without leaving residues due to its material properties. The 10-mm thick DentWax blanks are perfectly suited to calibrate your DATRON D1 pure. But they can be also used for the production of crown and bridge structures.

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DATRON DentCoAlloy

DATRON DentCoAlloy is a nickel and beryllium-free milling blank on CoCr basis. No special ceramic veneers are necessary when machining, i.e. DentCoAlloy can be veneered with all standard NEM ceramic veneers. Thanks to a special heat treatment during production. DATRON DentCoAlloy features excellent material properties. This universal dental material is soft and can be cut easily and reliably with all open CAD/CAM system due to its particularly homogeneous structure.

DATRON DentCoAlloy milling blanks are characterized by their high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility and are fully laserable.

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DATRON DentBite milling blanks are 100% made of polyamide. The standard 98.5 mm diameter of DentBite allows its use with all open milling systems and it is especially optimized for the production of orthodontic splints. The material is certified as a medical product and may remain inside the patient's mouth for up to 6 months.

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DATRON DentModel

DATRON DentModel polyurethane blanks are especially designed for the production of physical work models based on digital impressions. DentModel offers much higher abrasion resistance compared to plaster models. Swelling caused by water vapor jets is ruled out. Due to the high edge stability of DentModel, fine preparation edges can be preserved even in case of frequent restoration insertion and removal.

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