Dental Milling Machines Overview

Guaranteed quality and productivity for high-performance laboratories

With its dental-rotary / swivel axis DDSA-1 (5 axis) the DATRON D5 series represents 5-axis (controlled or simultaneous) high technology systems at an extremely attractive price. Each comes with a multitude of key benefits for your laboratory, amongst others:

  • Highest milling quality from chrome-cobalt to Zirconium oxide
  • Optional automation solutions
  • Flexible, adaptable for changing needs

At DATRON we know your industry and cater to your particular requirements.

Dental Machines 



    Traverse path 153 x 100 x 100 mm

    • 5-axis, precise
      and compact
    • 1.8 kW HF spindle
    • 5-axis milling
  • DATRON D5 Linear Scales

    DATRON D5 Linear Scales

    Ti, CoCr, ZrO2, Composite, PMMA, Wax, PU

DATRON D5 Dental CAD/CAM System

5-Axis Milling Machine

The proven ultra-compact DATRON D5 machine series among other features includes:

  • Touch-screen for complete machine control
  • Rotary swivel axis for 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Cooling device for spindle and drive
  • 15 station tool changer with tool length sensor and tool breakage detection
  • Chip container and connection nozzle for suction
  • Integrated automation with 8x blank changer (optional)
  • Minimum Quantity Cooling Lubrication System for metal machining (optional)
  • Flood cooling for glass ceramics grinding (optional)

With 8fold automation (optional) and 15fold tool changing unit (5 axis)

The proven ultra-compact 5-axis milling machine series DATRON D5 is especially suited for machining:

  • Titan
  • CoCr
  • Zirconium oxide
  • PMMA
  • Wax
  • Composite
  • PEEK
  • and other common dental materials

The D5 is your solution of choice when it comes to the precise, reliable and economical machining of dental appliances.

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