Crowns & Bridges

Traditional dental technology at its best!

Producing crowns and bridges with DATRON D5 technology provides you with the following benefits:

  • High accuracy of fit
  • Fit adjusted to stump, adjacent tooth and antagonist according to specific requirements
  • Possibility of extremely thin/sharp crown edges
  • Deep fissures can be reproduced by DATRON micro-milling tools
  • High surface quality, no reworking required
  • From rough to polished surfaces
  • Machining of all relevant denture materials
  • Fully or partially anatomical restorations
  • Milling of all common anatomical CAD libraries


The DATRON D5 Metal is
the perfect CAD/CAM system
for this Indication

DATRON D5 Metal - learn more

  • DATRON technology is a crucial help in economically producing crowns and bridges with a perfect fit and minimal post-processing.

      • Crowns (zirconium oxide)

      • Reduced bridge (NPM)

      • Crowns and bridges (NPM)

      • Reduced bridge (zirconium oxide)

      • Bridge (NPM)

      • CAO (Computer Aided Overpress)

      • Inlay

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