Milling of anatomical models and precise stumps

The making of dental models is a highly demanding task. DATRON dental technology is engineered and continuously improved to meet those requirements:

  •     Jaw models
  •     Precise, individually removable stumps
  •     Milling with or without articulator
  •     Short machining times
  • DATRON model materials (polyurethane or plastic-bonded gypsum) have the following outstanding properties:

    •     High surface quality
    •     Edge stability
    •     Dimensional accuracy
    •     Humidity stability

    TIP: Due to their low material costs, DATRON polyurethane blanks are also excellent for classic crown or bridge technology test milling.

      • Lower Jaw Model from DATRON

        Lower Jaw

      • Upper Jaw Model from DATRON

        Upper Jaw with Articulator Interface

      • Quarter Model from DATRON


      • Quarter without Articulator Interface from DATRON

        Quarter without Articulator Interface

Shadow frame