Telescopic and Conical Crowns, Attachments

Made of zirconium oxide, cobalt-chromium, titanium or composite materials

DATRON provides you with the freedom of high-tech advancements in using leading dental expertise  to produce individual telescopic and concial crowns and attachments:

  • Freely designable
  • Individual insertion direction
  • High surface quality in both primary and secondary components
  • Adjustable friction (over CAD software)
  • Freely designable attachments and locators (depending on CAD software used) 


The DATRON D5 Metal is
the perfect CAD/CAM system
for this Indication

DATRON D5 Metal - learn more

  • DATRON technology is the perfect answer to your requirements when producing telescopic and conical crowns and attachments. 

      • Primary and secundary telescope

      • Primary and secundary telescope

      • Bridge with attachment

      • Bridge with attachment

      • Bar between telescopes (occlusal)

      • Bar between telescopes (basal)

Shadow frame