Dispensing System Accessories

Increased efficiency with DATRON accessories

The extraordinarily high dispensing quality, that is achieved irrespective of the traversing speed, is the most significant feature of DATRON dispensing systems. Since the programming, sensors, variety of system uses and other time-consuming aspects often have a crucial effect on the production efficiency, DATRON develops top-of-the-line accessories for efficient and profitable results.

Many of the components shown are a consequence of many years of experience with the process-reliable processing of adhesives and sealants and other dispensable materials. The DATRON perfected and practical design guarantees their simple and efficient use in your daily manufacturing practice.

The dispensing head is the main item in any dispensing system. By including the gear wheel pump in the continuous-path control, volumetric dispensing is guaranteed at all times, independent of changes in speed. The design of the patented gear wheel pump allows viscosity fluctuations of the dispensing material to be compensated, and the control engineering running in the background compensates for the thixotropic material behaviour. Start / Stop, cross or T points are optimised using special software functions so that the fusion spots melt into each other.

The material is fed by means of either cartridges, pails or up to 200 litre tanks. Dispensing heads are available for almost all conventional 1C materials, such as silicones, MS polymers, UV adhesives and sealants, hotmelts, 1 C-PUR as well as POP-copolymers.

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