Process-reliable Casting of Electronic Assemblies

The volumetric dispensing systems from DATRON are setting new standards in the area of industrial dispensing technology, and are therefore meeting the increasing requirements for the reproducibility of position, shape and dispensing volume of the applied adhesive or casting material. Our highly precise dispensing systems ensure optimum production quality at the maximum level of process reliability.

  • Compounds are resin systems which are used for casting, encapsulating or embedding electronic components, such as sensors, magnets, pumps and ignition systems. This makes the product group of compounds indispensable, not only for electrical engineering and electronics, but also for mechanical engineering and mold making, as well as for the cable industry. Compounds include oven- and room-temperature hardening epoxy resin systems, polyurethane, polybutadiene and silicone systems. They are for protecting against moisture and solvents, high or low temperatures and mechanical stress.



  • DATRON Dispensing

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