DATRON Dispensing Heads

DATRON dispensing heads are the core of our dispensing systems and are available for current 1K materials as well as 2K solutions. By including the gear wheel pump in the continuous-path control, DATRON dispensing systems allow for volumetric dispensing independent of speed changes. Our patented solutions compensate viscosity fluctuations and thixotropic behavior. Specifically developed software optimizes starting and stopping motions as well as cross or T points and allow for the highest possible machining quality. Together with our dispensing experts, DATRON provides you with exactly the right dispensing solution for your production.


Dispensing head with precision external gear pump for medium- to high-viscosity media. Due to their patented design, these pumping systems are specially designed for filled and unfilled materials of high viscosity.


Dispensing head with high-precision internal gear pump for dispensing low to high viscosity unfilled media. This system also allows reproducible dispensing of extremely fluid materials.

Hot Melt and Reactive Hot Melt

Media with a processing temperature of up to 180° C/reactive hot melts can be dispensed precisely and reliably by means of a heated gear pump.

Fluid Plus

Dispensing head with precision external gear pump for media of medium to high viscosity. Due to its powerful motor, larger material volumes can be processed quickly and accurately. These pump systems are designed specifically for unfilled, high-viscosity materials.


A continuous piston pump for dispensing filled and unfilled as well as shear-sensitive media. The micro-pump is used for dispensing smallest quantities.

E (Eccentric Screw Pump)

This pump is suitable for pumping or dispensing low viscosity to high viscosity, paste-like filled and unfilled media and, in particular, dispensing shearsensitive media.