DATRON Solutions for the Production of Fuel Cell Components

High reliability, maximum flexibility and scalability have been the major pillars of DATRON technology for many years and form an ideal basis for the manufacture of fuel cells. The exemplary DATRON fuel cell consists of four components, which can be produced precisely and in high quality with DATRON machines.

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End plate

Light weight construction combined with high stability. Large pockets emphasise the characteristics of this part and demonstrate the advantages of DATRON milling machines in sheet machining. Efficient manufacturing of components with high machining volumes – from a prototype to serial production.

Current collector

Take advantage of the flexibility of DATRON milling machines. Fast, high-precision and contour-accurate milling with a wide range of materials.

Bipolar plate seal

DATRON dispensing systems are renowned for short cycle times combined with high reliability and provide the optimal conditions for manufacturing bipolar plate seals:

  • Top quality and precision
  • Dispensing volumes can be programmed as required
  • Cost-efficient production

Acrylic cover plate

Seal with visual inspection. The acrylic cover plate allows the operator to view the pressed seal of the assembled fuel-cell model.


The illustrated DATRON fuel cell does not represent a regular fuel cell. It serves as a model to emonstrate our DATRON technology.

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Maximum flexibility and scalability with short setup and cycle times

The objectives for machining bipolar plate seals are short cycle times and high reliability. The solution are DATRON volumetric dispensing heads and software, all developed in-house. Specific focus is placed on liquid densities and the ideal mapping of the critical start/stop areas. DATRON dispensing systems eliminate significant thickening and increases specifically in these ranges.

Homogenous density level even with complex structures

  • Dispensing volumes can be programmedas required over the complete bead contour to ensure a homogenous density level, even in structured surface finishes

High reliability

  • The material preparation guarantees seal application free from bubbles while the option to measure components makes a significant contribution to reliability

Low shape and position tolerances for seals

  • High machine repeat accuracy and precision
  • High-quality axis systems also used within the DATRON CNC machine fleet

Inexpensive in any case

  • Low-maintenance machine systems
  • ƒƒNo cost for tools, therefore economical even when manufacturing small numbers

Seal design

  • Narrow seal width ensures a compact design
  • ƒƒSimple seal application in grooves
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