DATRON 1K-Multifoam

DATRON dispensing solution for soft, foamed gaskets

The DATRON 1K Multifoam is the perfect solution for dispensing foam beads with unsurpassed fineness and process reliability. Thanks to the physical foaming with atmospheric air, a mossy rubber-like seal is applied on the spot - without any mixing or rinsing. Cleaning operations or blind shots are no longer necessary, even during longer periods of no operation, thereby providing high machine availability. The seals are fully resilient within a few minutes, thanks to thermal hardening (5 - 10 minutes at 80 °C). Alternatively, RTV-systems are available.


  •  For liquid seals in industrial applications
  •  Silicone-free seals
  •  Silicone seals
  •  Other materials upon request
  •  Also suitable for smaller lot numbers


  •  Free according to the application
  •  Material supplier: universal
  • General

    •  Diameter starting from circa 1 mm possible
    •  Closed-cell
    •  Free choice of container sizes

    No mixing required

    •  High machine availability
    •  No blind shots
    •  No rinsing


    •  High resilience
    •  Compensation of housing tolerances
    •  Low surface pressure
  • Coordinate tablePortal structure with double-sided
    Y-drive or cantilever construction
    (each stand-alone or inline capable)
    Traverse path (X x Y x Z)

    Portal: von 500 x 500 x 240 mm
    up to 1,600 x 2,600 x 240 mm
    Cantilever: 300 x 240 x 240 mm
    up to 3,000 x 240 x 240 mm
    Portal passage200 mm
    (not applicable for cantilever construction)
    Drive systemDC servo motors, ball and screw spindle
    for every axis
    Dispensing/positioning speedX: up to 20 m/min
    Y: up to 16 m/min
    Control systemDecentralised, digital servo control system
    with user interface
    Operating materialsCompressed air: 6 bar, voltage: 230 V
Shadow frame