Inline Dispenser

  • Cartesian robot with small floor space
  • Full inline capability
  • Dispensing head with patented volume control and fast 3D control
  • Short cycle times thanks to high dispensing speeds up to 16 m/min
  • High availability and low wear-related costs
  • Special VDispenser software for optimum Start/Stop areas
  • The DATRON IR0300 Inline dispensing system is characterised by an especially precise and stable built. This guarantees years of continuous operation and constant quality also under very demanding operational conditions.

    Thanks to its free-arm construction this system can be easily integrated into inline operations. Digital I/Os ensure an optimum data exchange between the overriding control software and the DATRON VDispenser software. Up to two dispensing heads can operate simultaneously. Material can be supplied from cartridges or linear feed systems such as hobbocks or barrels. Sensors to compensate differences in work piece height and nozzle result in a high level of process reliability.

    Application area

    • For fully-automatic inline dispensing processes
    • For adhesives and fluid sealants in industrial applications
    • In all dispensing areas which require high dynamics at constant precision
    • For all standard 1C materials; 2C on enquiry
  • Traverse Path (X x Y x Z)300 x 240 x 240 mm
    Floor Space (W x D x H)560 x 860 x 654 mm (without Dispensinghead)
    Driving Systembacklash-free DC servo motors, precision spindle for each axis
    Dispensing/Positioning Speedup to 16m/min per axis/
    up to 20m/min traversing
    PrecisionResolution:          1µm
    Absolute:         ±50µm
    Repeatability:  ±20µm
    ControlDecentral, digital servo control with user interface
    Operating MaterialsPressurized air: 6 bar
    Voltage: 230 V
    Material (depending on Dispensing Head)Lower and highly viscous, unfilled and abrasive also heatable
    Material SupplyCartridges, foil packs, pails or barrels
    WeightApprox. 70 kg
    Optional Accessories (Further Accessories on Enquiry)Nozzle compensation, XYZ sensor, module clamping technique, rotating nozzle, rotary axes, CAD/CAM module, vision system



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