DATRON PR0500 integrate

Inline-capable for Large Format

  • Stand-alone 3-axis gantry robot with small floor space
  • Dispensing head with patented volume control and 3D control
  • Easy programming via a Windows®-based menu interface
  • High flexibility through modular design of all dosing components
  • Module clamping technology: minimal setup times and exact reproducibility of workpiece holders
  • Special VDispenser software for optimal Start/Stop transition
    • The inline-capable dispensing system for larger workpieces. The portal system including the dispensing head can be installed over conveyor belts. The data exchange with the control system of the respective handling system is made over digital inputs and outputs. In a proven way, the selection of the respective programme as well as the control system and the regulation of the programmed dispensing volumes are done automatically over DATRON’s VDispenser dispensing software.

      The core of the dispensing system is made up by several interchangeable dispensing heads. A variety of sealants and adhesives can be processed reliably through them. A simple mechanical and electrical integration into production lines provides a manageable and calculable cost framework. Further larger-sized portal systems are available on request.

    • Machining tablePortal set-up with double-sided  Y drive
      without base frame
      Traverse path (X x Y x Z)520 x 650 x 240 mm
      Floor space (W x D x H) without control unit1,100 x 1,160 x 655 mm
      Driving systemDecentral, digital servo control with user interface
      Dispensing/Positioning speedup to 16 m/min per axis/
      up to 20 m/min traversing
      PrecisionAbsolute:        ±50µm
      Operating materialsPressurized air: 6 bar, dry, clean, oil-free
      Voltage: 230 V
      Material (depending on Dispensing Head)Lower and highly viscous, unfilled and abrasive, heatable as well as 1K-foam
      Material supplyCartridges, foil packs, pails or barrels
      Weightapprox. 150 kg
    • DATRON Dispensing

    Shadow frame