DATRON BIG 5 - More than just mechanical engineering?


To make our customers more successful in the long term, mechanical engineering at DATRON means thinking outside the box. It means that DATRON high-speed milling machines can be extended, modified and adapted to individual requirements by modular elements.

The last µ is not only achieved by a powerful high-speed milling machine, but also by the interaction of machine, tools, optimum service and a wide range of training courses. At DATRON, we offer all this from a single source!

Benefit from the well-founded knowledge of our experts in many areas of production technology. We will be happy to advise you on optimisation at all stages of your production chain: from CAD design through CAM data generation, clamping and measuring technology, tooling and cooling technology to the entire material flow.

Decide for individual services or the complete turnkey process. Choose your DATRON machine with the appropriate clamping technology, the optimum cooling/spraying system, rotary axes, sensors, automation, CAD/CAM software packages and much more.

Have you become curious? Then let our DATRON experts advise you individually and find out more about your individual advantages through the forward-looking DATRON technologies.

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Sustainable production – Only Wishful Thinking?

Energy-efficient machines and the economical use of resources are playing an increasingly important role in production processes. Thanks to innovative lightweight construction and energy-efficient drive technology, DATRON machines are already cost-effective today.

DATRON milling machines require on average less than 2.7 kWh, even at high chip removal rates. The minimum quantity cooling lubrication developed by DATRON also offers an extremely cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

All advantages at a glance:

Saving Energy: Very low consumption despite high milling volumes thanks to the use of energy-efficient technologies.

Saving Resources: Minimum-quantity cooling lubrication system from 30 ml/hour. Very
low cleaning outlay required.

Saving Space: Large working area with an extremely small footprint.

You don't believe in the possibility of a sustainable production in mechanical engineering? Let us show you!  

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Precise clamping - How fast is this possible?

Economical production through clamping in seconds: The modular approach of DATRON clamping techniques reduces set-up times considerably.

Plug & Play for easy handling!

Extremely simple and fault-free to use. Place parts on top – you’re done! With the high holding forces of DATRON vacuum plates, even the smallest parts are securely positioned. The patented special carton VacuCard++ is the ideal sacrificial layer.

All DATRON machines can be equipped with DATRON vacuum clamping technology. It offers very high holding forces due to the specially developed design, even for otherwise difficult to clamp moulds and thinnest plate materials.


  • Very short set-up times
  • Time-efficient sheet machining possible
  • Distortion- and vibration-free clamping of thin sheets
  • Complete milling around and separation of the workpieces possible


  • Clamping of sheet materials
  • Clamping of flat housings

Find out more about other modular clamping solutions from DATRON and choose the best solution for your individual application. You can reach our experts under +49 (0)6151 - 14 19 0.

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Intuitive Interface – Native by Nature?


Based on the plug and play principle, the DATRON next control in-house developed by DATRON impresses with its functional design and sets new standards in the CNC milling industry. Graphic operating elements and the use of touch panels and wiping gestures make the control a true experience. The machine control of the latest generation is designed so beginners and milling professionals are able to operate the machine safely after the shortest possible training time.

Despite its simplicity, DATRON next is also a fully-fledged control system optimized for high-speed machining. It allows comprehensive access to the parameters and the behaviour of the machine. For example, the integrated editor can be used to create complex milling programs and make necessary adjustments to existing ones. The programming language allows the creation of programs with loops and conditions. Extensive technology functions for adapting dynamic behavior, contour smoothing or the spray system are available in the manual operating menu. Thus, the control also meets the requirements of long-experienced milling professionals.

In spite of the complexity of the programming language, the user interface of the DATRON next control remains intuitive until the last step thanks to graphic input masks and the gesture control option. This is not least due to the constant further development and regular releases.

Convince yourself of the fully-fledged control system with intuitive access to the technology functions and the dynamic behavior, and at the same time the simplest operability at https://datron-next.com/.

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Specialized technologies – Why do they specialize?

The DATRON principle - A specialist for the entire process

At DATRON, we see ourselves as innovation drivers for future-oriented mechanical engineering. We focus on the entire process and accompany our customers throughout the entire workflow.
As a mechanical engineering expert with our own brand of tools, an own intuitive control, high-quality accessory products and comprehensive after sales services, DATRON supplies its customers with the entire process chain for high-quality milling results.

The DATRON principle - A specialist for the entire process

Everything from a single source is not just an advertising slogan, it´s an attitude. The combination of the individual DATRON technologies gives our customers a multitude of production advantages.

  • Thanks to their compact and dynamic motors, DATRON high-speed milling machines offer low maintenance costs and high chip removal rates.
  • The smart DATRON next control system makes it possible even for beginners to quickly achieve precise milling results, a big asset especially in times of skilled labor and increasing labor cost. The combination of the camera in the interior with the sensitive multi-touch display and an XYZ sensor makes it possible to set the zero point of any workpiece simply by wiping gesture and makes the time-consuming manual input of complex numerical data obsolete.
  • Fast and precise set-up of workpieces with high ergonomics at the same time, thanks to the individual DATRON clamping systems.
  • To offer cost-effective production solutions for our customers, we focus on a sustainable strategic approach for resource-saving production when developing our energy-efficient HSC milling machines.

Find out more about the "DATRON BIG 5" in the coming weeks!

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