High-speed machining for the aeronautics industry

Electronic parts, structural parts, small mechanical parts and interior fittings?

For many years, manufacturers and subcontractors for aeronautics, aerospace or defence have relied on DATRON HSM technology to produce complex parts in various applications such as :

  • Control instruments and backlit front panels, high-frequency antennas, support frames, heat sinks, housings, connectors...
  • Seat supports, shelves, screens, ejection seat parts..,
  • Various mechanical parts,
  • Mechanical engravings (references, OF...).


With 50 years of experience in the machining of light alloys, composites, plastics, foams, DATRON offers optimal and versatile solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Easy to use and intuitive, our solutions limit the risks of non-quality by offering a perfect control of the process at each stage:

  • Fast machining thanks to HSM technology,
  • Ionized air guns for demagnetizing plastics,
  • Precise, burr-free machining and excellent surface finish thanks to high-frequency spindles and integrated measuring sensor,
  • Structural characteristics of your protected materials. High-speed machining without mechanical effort and without heating your material: no breakage initiators,
  • Simple and intuitive operation on a revolutionary touch interface,
  • Quick setup and series changeovers thanks to our innovative clamping solutions and integrated 3D probe,
  • Residue-free production thanks to ethanol and air micro-lubrication, so you don't need to wash parts (less logistics, no solvent purchase).

It is by optimising your entire process that we reduce your production costs. Whether it is prototyping or series production, we have the right solution for you.

Which machine for which application? Which machine for which part?

  • For prototypes and series of small parts: DATRON neo Series 2
  • For the ultimate in versatility without "extreme" precision requirements: DATRON M8Cube
  • For intensive production and maximum precision: DATRON MXCube
  • For larger parts or series production: MLCube

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