High speed machining in the medical field

Machining of light alloys, standard and heat-sensitive plastics (PEEK, COC), titanium and stainless steel

High-speed machining with DATRON CNC machines for the medical sector makes it possible to produce precision micromechanical parts, both for prototyping and for the production of pre-production or production.

Whether for microfluidic applications (microvalves, microgrooves, etc.), the manufacture of small complex implants (PEEK, titanium, plastics, etc.), very small or very large tools (nanoconnectors, aluminium or stainless steel moulds, measuring boxes, printed circuits, etc.), DATRON high-speed train centres provide simple and intuitive solutions to problems.

With the possibility of moving, with the same machine, from the study, to the validation of production up to production, DATRON CNC centres meet the requirements of researchers, scientists and R&D offices who design innovative solutions in the medical field.
Advantages of DATRON high-speed machining centres in the medical field:

  • Exceptional levels of resolution, accuracy and repeatability
  • Excellent surface finishes up to and including mirror appearance
  • Conservation of the integrity of the materials and their intrinsic characteristics (no heat generation)
  • Surface finish: transparency preserved, texture effects achieved

Specificities of the DATRON HSM centres for the medical sector:

  • Positioning camera, ideal for materials that are too thin or too fragile for mechanical probing,
  • Ion guns to demagnetize plastics,
  • Z-fault tracking with mechanical sensor,
  • Blowing of cooled air, for materials very sensitive to the slightest heating,
  • Absence of fatty lubricants in processes (ethanol)

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