Rapid prototyping and pre-series

With DATRON CNC machines with powerful 3D control and a wide range of accessories, your prototypes are produced quickly and easily.

Get prototypes that conform to serial products with high-speed machining!

Using DATRON high-speed rail centres allows you to create prototypes in the final materials, with a perfect finish. You can use these prototypes to carry out market tests, and even pre-series or production. You can therefore use the same machines for prototypes and products in the range!

Rapid machining by subtraction of material produces prototypes with repeatability suitable for mass production of final products.

In addition, machining allows you to use a wide range of materials, even the most robust ones (carbon,...)


Rapid prototyping with DATRON high-speed centres offers you several advantages:

  • The fast and economical production of accurate and quality prototypes and pre-series in a wide range of materials
  • A quick and efficient validation of ideas and concepts
  • High design flexibility, with the possibility of rapid execution of several variants
  • A production launch without surprise and of good quality thanks to this realistic and efficient validation metho

 Which CNC DATRON to choose?

  • The DATRON M8Cube offers a large working area (100 * 80 cm) for machining prototypes. Using the PerfectCut filter allows you to make prototypes with an exceptional finish.
  • For prototypes that are a little wider or require an even higher quality of finish, the M10Pro HSM centre is the best choice!
    Its 107 * 88 cm bed has a very precise positioning. Its granite tabletop machining adds rigidity and accuracy, which is in addition to the possibility of a mirror finish. The HSK-25E tool holder has a beat rate of less than 1 micron.
  • If you need an extremely large work area, such as for example to machine a series of prototype parts or for a large prototype, the MLCube has a work area of 152 * 100 cm.
    Thanks to options such as automatic tool change, batch production can take place without the presence of an operator or at night, a way to reduce costs.
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