Rapid Prototyping and Pre-Series:

Because technological innovation fuels our industry.

Whether you work in aeronautics, the medical industry, robotics, electronics and new energies, defence, but also sports, music...

To go quickly from idea to part, to validate design, functionality, wear resistance... or simply to convince your customers :

Prototyping is a must!

It is also the activity for which subcontracting is unsuitable for companies at the forefront of innovation and who wish to remain so.

How to innovate if after the first prototype you notice :
"No more doubt, it would have been better otherwise! But I have neither the time nor the budget to restart the supply of a modified part...".

Using DATRON HSM centres allows you to quickly and easily machine your prototypes into the final material, with a perfect finish and preserving the structural integrity of the material.

You create, model during the day, modify, improve, optimize, re-model...and let your ideas run wild.
You can thus validate the design of your parts but also the mechanical behaviour, the resistance, test several versions... You present to your management and your customers parts of good quality, convincing, close to the definitive ones, even pre-series.

Which DATRON CNC to choose?

  • DATRON neo - compact, clean and easy to use. It is the ideal prototyping tool to be integrated in an R&D office, a research center...
  • DATRON M8Cube is ideal for larger formats or if you want more versatility (addition of a vertical clamp, a large 4th axis, a 5th axis, etc.).
  • DATRON M10Pro is a must if precision and repeatability in pre-production is a must! Granite table, optical measuring scales...
  • DATRON MLCube for your large prototypes or prototype series. Working area of 1500 x 1000 mm.

Whether you opt for Compact, Versatile, High-precision or Maximum Format, you benefit from the intrinsic advantages of DATRON HSM technology:

  • Fast and economical production in a wide range of materials
  • Simple and intuitive operation on a touch interface
  • Compact and clean machines
  • Modular machines for a wide variety of prototypes but also suitable for production.

Les centres UGV DATRON C5, M10pro, M8cube, neo, équipés de l'interface DATRON next