Thermoforming and tooling: Ultra-fast finishing, perfect surface finishes

Thermoforming moulds, blister packs for the medical sector, cutting or folding tools ....

Machining of tools, and in particular moulds and blister packs, is one of the activities for which HSM offers major advantages.

  • Do you need to machine complex 3D shapes quickly in aluminium?
  • Are you looking for the best possible surface finishes to reduce post-machining finishing stages as much as possible?
  • Are you looking for ways to rework the surface finish of your steel moulds machined on your traditional CNC centres?

HSM is made for you!

Using DATRON HSM centres enables you to machine your 3D shapes in all light alloys or composites quickly and simply, with a perfect finish, very quickly. You can also rework the surface finish of your steel moulds to improve them and reduce post-machining finishing (polishing).

The very high cutting speeds, combined with exceptional dynamics, considerably reduce the generally very time-consuming finishing times in your business. High-performance trajectory management, combined with ingenious kinematics that limit tracking errors and inertia phenomena, offer incomparable surface finishes.

And as always, with DATRON technology, your aluminium tools leave the machine clean and dry. No need for washing and degreasing.

Which DATRON CNC to choose ?

  • DATRON neo compact, clean and easy to use. It is the ideal tool for machining small tools in R&D, a research centre
  • DATRON M8Cube is the right choice for larger formats
  • DATRON M10 Pro indispensable if you are in intensive production and are looking to save seconds or if you are looking for more extreme precision (optical measuring rulers) .
  • DATRON MLCube for your large tools or small tool series. Working area of 1500 x 1000 mm

The dilemma of choosing between:

  • Fast and economical production in a wide range of materials
  • Simple and intuitive operation via touch screen interface.
  • Compact and clean machines
  • Modular machines for a variety of tools