DATRON tools: for more productivity and quality!

Because the best machine is nothing without the right tool.

Aware of the importance of having top-of-the-range tools for quality machining, DATRON has been developing its own range of tools since 1990.
In 2019, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, in association with its historical sharpening partners, a new DATRON sharpening workshop will be created.
The R&D department studies and tests tomorrow's tools on DATRON HSM centres.
Adapted to High Speed Machining, our tools are perfectly balanced and equipped with polished flutes whose different angles allow, depending on the materials, to evacuate a maximum of chips in a minimum of time.
They are available with different coatings and are sharpened in the best carbides.
These qualities give them good mechanical and dynamic behaviour, good cutting quality and long service life.

The right tool for every application.

Whether you have HSM centres or more "conventional" machines, you will find a tool for each of your needs in our ranges.

Aware of the increased level of technicality of projects with ever more complex parts in new materials, with varied constraints,
We are also aware that today's profitability requires maximum productivity, which is only possible with perfectly optimized processes,
We develop ranges of specific tools, dedicated to specific materials or applications, and for some patented ones, such as :

  • Stepped CrossCutter roughing cutters that break the chip for dynamic roughing without jamming and easier chip evacuation.
  • Patented 1-tooth balanced ball end mill, your 3D shapes will never be more perfect.
  • Milling cutters for PU foam, no melting, no glue, no long chips that twist around the tool, you have a quality of cut that dispenses with manual finishing.
  • Polished milling cutters for transparent plastic cut-outs and perfect surface finishes
  • Copper milling cutters

The aim: to produce finished parts close to perfection, requiring little or no post-machining finishing.

Among the must-haves: The DATRON single-tooth milling cutter

The single-tooth milling cutter is very well adapted to high-speed machining because of its capacity to evacuate a maximum of chips. DATRON offers all versions of the single-tooth milling cutter: Straight milling cutter, ball milling cutter, 4 in 1 milling cutter, rough milling cutter, polished milling cutter for plastics ... A 1-tooth milling cutter for every need.

Pour découvrir la qualité de coupe selon DATRON, télécharger notre catalogue outil.