DATRON high-speed machining centres - High speed machining

DATRON CNC milling machines with 3 to 5 axes, for high-speed machining of small or large parts, individually or in series. Rotational speed up to 60000 rpm.

Optimized for micro-milling, rigid and precise for high speed machining

DATRON HSCs are extremely versatile and guarantee:

  •  machining speed and increased productivity (reduced cycle times)
  •  impeccable accuracy and surface finish
  •  high-performance accessories and tools

which makes them CNC machines with a very good price/quality ratio.

Machined materials

DATRON machining and engraving centres are designed for efficient and cost-effective machining of most materials:

  • Aluminium machining:
    DATRON high-speed machining centres are the fastest and most economical for machining aluminium, allowing thin-walled aluminium to be machined without burrs, high speeds, ultra-fast milling tools and minimum lubrication.

    Make aluminium profiles, boxes, etc.
  • Acrylic and PMMA machining:
    DATRON technologies are perfectly suited for machining, cutting and engraving acrylic and PMMA. DATRON HSC centres offer impeccable finishes, are suitable for large format plates, brilliant cutting edges with VHM DATRON single-tooth polished edge milling cutters
  • Machining of brass:
    DATRON CNC machines allow the machining and engraving of parts, molds and signs with consistent surface finishes. They produce detailed engravings of excellent quality.
  • Machining of carbon fibres and composite materials:
    Although abrasive and rigid, machining materials such as carbon and fibreglass is not a problem. Indeed, dust collection and suction solutions can accept carbon, G10, FR4, Torlon, Derlin, and much more!

    These characteristics make them particularly suitable for machining centres in the electronics sector.
  • Graphite machining:
    the DATRON C5 5-axis milling machine allows precise and high quality machining of graphite for electrode manufacturing, for example, due to its high precision and suction device.
  • Plastic machining:
    DATRON high-speed machining centres are used for a wide variety of applications: machining of plastic connectors, milling of plastic counter-plates, machining of front panels and control panels, machining of plastic prototypes
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High speed machining centres adapted to innovative companies

Ultra-fast machining centres adapted to cutting-edge applications and sectors

The versatile DATRON HSCs are used for applications and sectors such as electronics, medical, aerospace, engraving, prototyping, research and development, prototype, mould and pre-series sample design as well as production.

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